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Q: I think I will just do that :) does this happen to anyone you know ?

best bet i think! i have heard of cases where they are asked to shrink down-not totally uncommon.

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Q: I got told to loose a few inches before being singed and it is a big agency so I don't want to mess up and they told me to come back when I am down hose inches what is the best advice to get down

honestly dear, I wouldn’t know. I would think just eat healthy and exercise? 

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Q: leave everything behind, lets get married and travel the world.


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Q: ok i kno this is weird but, there is a song called, Lao - If its lovin , for some reason It always reminds me of you loool. look it up.

lol word.

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"   If I have to ask for your attention, then I don’t even want it.   "